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Wedding Information 
 “Since it is your intention to enter into marriage,
 join your right hands  and declare your consent before God and his Church.
It is our goal to make every wedding a memorable event,
beautiful and meaningful,
and to extend every possible courtesy to wedding parties.

The Catholic Church provides three different forms of celebrating the Rite of Marriage. When two Catholics are marrying, the celebration will normally take place within a Mass. The second form, which is suggested to do outside a Mass, is used when a Catholic marries another baptized Christian. There is a third form, which also does not include a Mass, for a Catholic marrying someone who is a non-Christian. You should choose one of these forms in conversation with the priest or deacon who will witness your marriage vows.


Within each of the three forms of the Rite there are additional choices. For example, you can select biblical readings, blessings, and prayers from the approved texts. You can also choose friends or family members for different roles in the ceremony, such as readers and those who assist with the Eucharistic gifts and the distribution of Holy Communion. Making these choices with your future spouse and with the priest or deacon can help you to learn more about the Catholic understanding of marriage and to become more deeply involved in your celebration of it.

Thoughtful, prayerful planning and participation in your Catholic wedding ceremony is a decision that will bring many blessings to your married life long after you’ve forgotten all the other decisions you made about flowers, photos, and favors on the tables!


Please Contact Debbie Sumner, 247-4322 ext. 107

at least six months to a year ahead of your desired wedding date.


Wedding Music

Wedding music options may be viewed and heard by clicking on the image above.  

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