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The St. Jude Parish was founded in 1968, and we recently celebrated our 40th Anniversary (1968-2008).  It all began on June 27, 1968 when Reverend John J. Steger was appointed pastor of a new parish in Gates by Bishop Sheen.  The site for this new parish was the Unger farm on Lyell Road.  The parish was started on a 40 acre dairy farm with a cow barn, a tractor shed, a small farmhouse and a financial obligation to pay for this property over 5 years.  The name "St. Jude the Apostle" was democratically selected over two weeks of parishioner balloting.  With the help of St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless cases and impossible causes, we established our parish, built our church and our future.  The parish continued to grow over the next 20+ years, so plans for a new facility were developed.

The construction of our new church was completed for our 25th Anniversary celebration in June 1993.  The continued generosity of our parishioners enabled us to complete the gym in 1994 and the Faith formation Center in 1997.  There are many items designed into our church that are a part of local history.  For example, the three stained glass windows over the front entrance to the new church came from St. Patrick's Cathedral, which once stood on the current site of Frontier Field.  When the Cathedral was demolished in 1937, the three stained glass windows were kept in the old Notre Dame Retreat House on Alexander Street.  Bishop Hickey gave them to us in 1968, but they were too big for the old dairy barn church.  These beautiful German crafted windows from the 1880s are now promently displayed in our new church for everyone to enjoy.

In July 2006, Father Michael Schramel was assigned to our parish.  Deacon Patrick Shanley joined our ministry team in early 2007.  We continue to be blessed with the generous ministry of Father William Cosgrove.

The Parish of the Holy Family
4100 Lyell Road
Rochester, NY 14606

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