The Parish of the Holy Family
Sacrament Guidelines 


Offer a time of focus specific to understanding a particular sacrament before celebrating it. It is set outside of, over and above general Faith Formation classes/sessions or Catholic school, with a specific focus on a particular sacrament. For Catholic school students not enrolled in a parish religious education program, the preparation and celebration of a sacrament takes place in the parish of registration.

Requirements before celebrating First Reconciliation and First Eucharist:

the child must be baptized and have attended at least 2 full years of active participation in a parish faith formation program or Catholic school.

Requirements before celebrating Confirmation:

The teen must be baptized, and enters into a 2 year preparation period (called “Proximate Preparation”) at the beginning of 8th grade that is included in a parish faith formation program or Catholic school. Celebration of the sacrament is in 9th grade, after participation in several parish-based sessions (called “Immediate Preparation”) not offered in the parish faith formation program or at Catholic school.

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