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The Parish of the Holy Family parishioners and their families are eligible for burial in Holy Ghost Cemetery. There are grave sites in beautiful wooded areas for both full burial and cremation remains. Holy Ghost cemetery offers a resting place close to family and their place of worship, at a reasonable amount. 

Office Hours by Appointment
Contact Person:  Peggy Brown - Cemetery Coordinator
                            247-4322 x 100 or by email:

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our Holy Ghost Cemetery

Full Grave Cost
     New Section               (42"x10'6")        $750

Cremains Grave Cost
     Flat Marker Site          (36"x36"            $400
     Slanted Marker Site    (36"x36")           $600
       (Rose Garden)

Interment Cost
     Full Casket Burial (Adult)                      $550
       (Winter months 12/1 - 4/1)                  $600
     Infant/Child                                            $175 
       (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays after 12 Noon - $100)

     Cremains Burial                                     $300
       (Winter months 12/1 - 4/1)                   $350

        (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays after 12 Noon - $100)

     Casket                                                  $1500
     Cremains                                              $  600

Veteran's Plaque - Ground Installment
      Granite                                           $134
       Bronze                                           $150

Payment Options 
All Graves will be paid in full at the time of purchase
Prices subject to change without notice
Prices vary by location

Holy Ghost Church owns and operates Holy Ghost Cemetery in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and guidelines of the Diocese of Rochester.

The Parish of the Holy Family
4100 Lyell Road
Rochester, NY 14606

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