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Summer Program is for children in grades K-6 for the 2021-2022 school year. During those two weeks they will have classroom time, art, music and snack time.

The dates for this year’s summer program are:

July 12, 2021-July 23, 2021 Class begins at 8:30AM and ends at Noon.

Summer Program is held Monday thru Friday in Parish Life Center 

As part of this commitment you must also sign up for four of our family Enrichment session that run from September-March.

Family Enrichment meets once a month. It is a chance for your whole family to come to Mass followed by a potluck supper. After supper we have a topic that we talk about as large group and then there is a hands-on activity for the families to do. These sessions usually run no later than 8:00PM

Grades 7-12 will meet every Sunday Mornings 10:00- 11:15AM 
in the Faith formation center Starting in September through April

Sacrament Preparation will take place in March and April of 2021 Dates TBA

The Church recognizes that parents are the first and foremost teachers of the faith for their children. Catechists (teachers) are resources who work in partnership with parents in providing the information that helps parents provide the formation. Faith formation is a life-long process. It doesn’t end after the celebration of a sacrament or when a teen outgrows youth group. Faith formation is a personal journey that, often, is best shared with those around us, and what better way for parents to spend time with their children than in growing together in faith?

Two-Week Summer Program for grades K-6 Two-week Summer Program, followed by 4-6 Family Enrichment sessions
on Saturday evenings scheduled throughout the school year.  Dates for 2021 are July 12-23, 2021. Program starts at 830AM and closes at Noon.  Early registration is recommended. 


Jr. High grades 7-8 includes Proximate Preparation Prior to Celebrating Confirmation

This two-year program provides overall faith formation including components of service and socializing. It also focuses on the topics required in preparing to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. This program is offered on Sundays 10-11:30AM in the Faith Formation Center. Classes for the 2021-22 school year will begin on Sunday, September 13

Sr. High grades 9-12

Provides general, overall faith formation including components of service and socializing. This is a great venue to keep post-confirmation teens connected with their faith and to grow spiritually while serving the community. It includes parish and diocesan retreat opportunities. Meetings are Sunday mornings from 10-11:30AM in the Faith Formation Center.  Classes for the 2021-22 school year will begin on Sunday, September 13

An important piece of being a part of the Summer Program is participating in the Family Enrichment Sessions. You must attend two sessions in the fall/winter and two sessions in the winter/ spring.  We will celebrate Mass at 5:00PM at St. Jude with our family enrichment session to follow right after at the Parish Life Center where summer program is held.

 Dates are published in the Bulletin 


Children's Liturgy is an opportunity for the children to expereince the readings for our Sunday liturgy on their level.  After the opening prayer, children are called foward for a blessing and will be dismissed.  They return to their families before the presentation of the gifts. 

Children's Liturgy of the Word is celebrated at 9AM Mass.  During our Covid-19 pandemic we are not having Children's Liturgy.  

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